What Credit Card Company Only Pulls TransUnion?

What Credit Card Company Only Pulls TransUnion?

Chase, Miles & More, U.S Bank, CapitalOne and Barclays are the only credit companies that pull TransUnion. Whenever a card issuer ask got one’s report from one of the credit bureaus after you’ve applied for a card, it shows up on the report as a hard inquiry.

This inquiry then appears on the Credit Report from whichever bureau furnished your information.

A credit-reporting expert added that there are reasons why some card issuers balk at the credit bureau they rely on.

This is because consumers are often coached to apply with a lender that pulls the credit report with a high score.

That I’d just a rudimentary way to game the system to an extent. Although, this is not based on highly classified state intelligence, but they are not meant to be told.

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A card issuer typically picks one report from one bureau when deciding on a credit card application. This is because pulling reports from all three credit bureaus for every application would be too costly.

A card issuer chooses a bureaus on a business agreement between her and wherever is chosen.

These contracts include a commitment to buy a certain number of reports from one bureau, when providing a free credit scoreĀ  or credit report online, but might rely on a report from the different credit bureau to evaluate your card application.

What Credit Card Company Only Pulls TransUnion

Where To Check Your Credit Report?

I will recommend AnnualCreditReport.com. This is the only officially sanctioned by the U.S Government, it doesn’t mandate signing up for any subscription to access your report. Via the site, you can get a copy of your credit report from each bureau, one per calendar year, free of charge.

You can space out your request if you want to view your credit report more than once a year.

Request a copy of your TransUnion report, fret, after an interval of four months, request a copy of your Experian report, give anotherĀ  four months interval, and request Equifax report.

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