Property Fraud Alert Scam – Does it Work?

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Property Fraud Alert Scam

PFA will not halt fraud from happening, it provides an early warning system that will allow property owners to take important action should they believe fraudulent activity has occurred with their property.

The County Clerk’s office has taken a drastic  step  in providing a free on-line automated service in which Tarrant County property owners can sign up to have their name monitored to track possible fraudulent activity. Sign up with Property Fraud Alert (PFA), which takes a few moments and participants will be notified only when the exact name they have provided is listed as a Grantor or Grantee on over 90 different document types recorded in the County Clerk’s office.

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Property Fraud Alert Scam

PFA is customizable in that alerts can be generated by email or telephone call from a PFA Representative.

Property Fraud Alert is a service to the public that is provided free of charge to subscribers.  The cost incurred for this service is absorbed into the yearly budget of the County Clerk’s Office.

All information provided by subscriber, such as email address and/or cell phone number, is held at the highest level of security protection, and is not nor will ever be sold or disclosed to any entity.

The purpose of this information is for alert notification only.

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