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How to Create Static Pages in Blogger

If you have a Blogger blog, you may be wondering how to create static pages.

You will have seen on many websites and blogs, tabs to stand-alone pages. These tabs appear at the top of blogs or along the side in the sidebar.

Static pages are a wonderful feature because bloggers can include these pages to parts of their site that they want all visitors to see. Basically, creating a static page means that your important content isn’t buried.

It is always in front of site visitors. Better still, you can use your static pages to link to other pages on your site, which helps to generate traffic and visitor engagement. (You have most likely happened upon this page because you saw the tab up top entitled, How to Create a Free Blogger blog, then you visited the static page, scrolled through the sections and clicked on the link embedded in the How to Create Static pages that appeared towards the top of the page in the bulleted section.)

This is all well and good but how do you actually get those tabs and their related pages to appear where you want them to? You cannot simply create a new post because when you do, that post displays where your usual blog content appears.

How to Create Static Pages in Blogger

This is a newer feature and while warmly welcomed by most “Bloggers” it is one that can leave newer and even more experienced bloggers scratching their heads.

Follow the steps below and within minutes, you will have added static page functionality to your Blogger blog.

How to Create a Static Page

  • Sign in to Blogger
  • Select Design. A new page will open: Add and Arrange Page Elements
  • You want to find a capsule entitled Add a Gadget. Now, choose one of these capsules either up top or one on the sidebar and this will determine where your static pages will appear.
  • Click on Add a Gadget and when the page opens, go to the fourth section titled Pages.
  • A new page will open called Configure Page List.
  • Make sure you click on Save. Once you do, your static pages function will have been created and you can now start adding static pages to your blog. If you go to View Blog, you will see that Home has been added to your blog.

How to Create Your First Static Page

Once you’ve enabled static pages, you will be ready to create your first static page. Blogger bloggers are allowed up to 20 static/stand-alone pages.

  • Sign into your Blogger Dashboard
  • Under your Blog name, select, Edit Posts.
  • Now, up top to the left, you’ll see: Posting, Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize, Stats
  • Underneath that are three sections: New Post, Edit Posts, Edit Pages.
  • It’s that last one you want to select.
  • When the page opens, you will see a blue button entitled New Page.
  • This is where you create your stand-alone static pages. Select that, key in the title of your static page and create your first static page. Make sure to save your work. When you return to your blog, you will see your newly created static page.

If you have trouble please watch the video below for a visual tutorial.

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