How to Cancel My Vanilla Debit Card Balance/Online

Do you use a prepard Vanilla Mastercard and searching for how to deactive it?

Have you tried downloading apps or updating them on playstore and keep having your card declined and have no idea how to deactivate it? The solution is here!

Deactivating or deleting an account should be processed directly on the Bank it self. You will need to expalin reasons why you want to so they can improve on customer satisfaction. Since deactivation of account is like they lose clients.

How to Cancel My Vanilla Debit Card Balance/Online

To cancel a prepaid card, call the issuer directly. You will need to first withdraw all your funds from the count. Depending on the card, that can either be done by requesting a check, or at the ATM, or by transferring the money to another account.

If yours is an iTunes/App store issue, We recommend reading our guide below:

How to Cancel My Vanilla Debit Card Balance

How to Cancel Vanilla Debit Card Online on iTunes

To fix it:

Launch iTunes and under the “Store” drop down menu,

Pick “View Account”

Input your password and click “Edit Payment”, then enter “Type” under the Apple ID Summary.

Now, you can change the credit card that is used to make purchases.



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