Does USAA Do Business Account? – Small or Big?

Does USAA Do Business Account?

Have you been searching got a place to own a business account for your SME? USAA business checking is out of it, due to the fact that she doesn’t offer any business service above small business insurance.

Amazingly, other options exists that can offer those things you need to build your business rightly. You might consider these for a strong business account for your company.

Top of them all is the Bank of America business fundamental checking. They offer two business fundamentals checking account for most business owners.

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Does USAA Do Business Account


This includes a $14 monthly maintenance fee which can be waved if you meet any of these requirements:

  • Spend $250 in-net purchase with monthly purchase on either business debit or credit card, monthly.
  • Keep up with an average monthly balance of $5,000 or beyond.
  • For your linked Bank of America accounts, keep up with a combined average monthly balance of $15,000 or more.
  • Quality and enroll in the preferred rewards for business program.

Fee isn’t attached on the first 200 transaction each month, then a $0.45 fee per transaction, afterwards. Provided account include employee debit card for you and your employees.

Overdraft guard connected to a Bank of America business savings account, secondary checking account or business credit card.

If you qualify for the bank’s preferred rewards for Business programme, you gain access to other perks, including cut on merchant services, discount on loan and many more.

Next is Chase Total Business Checking Account with Total Business Checking as the best option for small and growing businesses.

With $15 monthly fee, $3 discount can be waved totally if you maintain a daily balance of $1,500 are minimum or link a Chase Private client or chase Sapphire checking account.

It comes with 100 fee-free monthly transactions, boundless electronic deposits, $5000 I’m cash deposits per statement cycle, no fee, domestic and International wire transfer and ATM cards for debit and deposit of your employees and you, have access control. Bonus attached if you open an account for the first time and meet some requirements.


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