DMV Fraud Alert – What to Do

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DMV Fraud Alert

If you believe a person is using your DMV license permit and or non-driver ID card to steal your identity, it is important that you report the theft to the DMV. If you have evidence that another person has obtained a driver license, registration document or title certificate in your name, or used your identity and DMV I.D number from your driver license, learner permit or non-driver ID for fraudulent purposes. You must have documented evidence of fraud to submit a Report for Unauthorized Use.

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Which includes:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Personal checks that you did not receive or write
  • Documents that contain your DMV ID number from your driver license, learner permit or non-driver ID

If you suspect someone has your information, you should make a police report.But even without a police report, call the DMV 919-861-3143 and request a fraud alert on your driver’s record.

A DMV  fraud alert puts a special notification on your record and signals employees to ask for more identification when new or duplicate documents are being issued.

DMV Fraud Alert

The fraud alert only expires when you lift it. The DMV does not recommend the alert to be removed unless the account owner is satisfied their identity has not been compromised and they are no longer at risk.

The DMV fraud alert certainly can ward off a crook from getting an ID with your name. but the DMV fraud alert doesn’t protect you from other crimes, especially if the crook gets his hands on other info of yours.

In an email, the DMV fraud agent wrote: The information obtained from the registration card itself does not pose a potential risk to a citizen’s NC DMV accounts, however paired with additional personal information all types of frauds could be committed ranging from financial fraud, to assuming the identity of the person or cloning the vehicles VIN number for use on another vehicle of the same make, model and year.

There is also the counterfeit of documents, and forgery of titles.

It all depends on what information the criminal(s) have and how they intend to use what they have obtained to perpetuate their criminal acts.

What’s good about this agency is we have our own team of Investigators, with any suspected criminal action or misrepresentation of documents, the NC License and Theft Bureau which is the law enforcement entity of  DMV, will conduct an investigation into any misconduct suspected.



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