Can You Repo A Car On Private Property?

Can You Repo A Car On Private Property?

Repo man is not legally allowed to enter locked and secured private property like a garage, to  take away your vehicle. But they can repossess your car, without a court order, if it’s sitting in your driveway, outside your home, or in a public space.

Can A Police Or Law Enforcement Repo?

Unless the police are called during the act of repossession, they typically are not involved with the repossession process. They are meant to settle any disputes between the repo man and the owner.

Whether or not the lender has to tell you of a repossession varies by state. Most times, when they don’t have to notify you, they usually choose not to and simply move forward with the process.

What they have to do is send you information after the repossession telling in full details of the sale of the car.

Can You Repo A Car On Private Property

Can You Repo On a Driveway?

If it’s sitting in your driveway with no passenger, therein, we repossess your car from your driveway.

Hiding A Vehicle From Repossession; Legal Or Not?

It’s illegal to intentionally hide your car from a repossession. But if you routinely keep your vehicle inside your garage, that is never an illegal act.

But if the repo man forcefully takes your car out of your locked garage, you can pursue legal action because with a visible demarcated line, a boundary has been passed.

So paramount is it for you to understand your rights during repossession. If you can, you should take the steps needed to prevent a repo from happening by staying on top of your payments.

If you know you’re going to fall behind, or if something happens to you financially, discuss this with your lender as soon as possible. Most are more willing to work with you, be honest hand give necessary details.

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